things need pay attention to when dismantling a slewing ring

Slewing ring belonging to a precise mechanical parts, although it is relatively large, the internal structure is very fine, So handling, installation,

Removing need to be extra careful. The following need to pay attention in slewing bearing disassembly:

The demolition needs to be processed by experienced staff to operate. A green one may in the course of the demolition of the parts cause damage to the part. And during the demolition generally put some special tools to disassemble at hand, so as to ensure that the process of dismantling, can be handy.

During the demolition, we must put parts gently to prevent life cause harm to the surrounding population, and at the time of placing the removed parts to pay attention,

Must be placed in a dry, well-ventilated place to prevent contamination of some harmful substances to the bearings, causing damage to the body, for those still able to use 

Parts, after cleaning the surface, coat it with anti-rust oil.